About Me

Gian Frontini is a Chemical Engineering by training and has been an avid rare book collector all of his life. He has extensive experience in organic chemistry and in the effects of aging on binding materials.


After apprenticing as a binder at Strong Bindery in Cleveland Ohio twenty five years ago he has trained with some of the top binders in North America and now teaches traditional leather and vellum techniques as well as restoration and repair of all kind of bindings.

His library is focused on sixteenth and seventeenth century Herbals, which have provided the initial motivation for studying restoration. Gian Frontini is a member of the Canadian Book Binders and Book Artist Guild (CABBG).

Ms Dea Sasso, artist in residence at J.C Campbell Folk School, has been for ten years one of his favourite teachers. In 2010 she kindly asked Gian to teach a class in Vellum Binding (15th century style and modern interpretations) and he has since offered classes in Medieval book structures and book repairs.

You will find the full content of these classes in the Courses page.