Welcome to South Shore Bindery!


We are a small Canadian bindery specializing in restoration of collectible books from the 16th to the 19th century.

Our specialty is the archival restoration of leather and vellum bindings and manuscripts. Rare and collectible books are restored in function and appearance, without altering the value of the book.

The primary goal of restoration is to protect the binding from further deterioration and restore broken joints or missing parts with archival materials. At the same time we ensure that the original structure is maintained and no historically inconsistent modification is made. For example if an early book is sewn on raw-hide thongs, which need replacing we make new thongs and do not sew on cords.

If a binding cannot be replaced without changing the structure we recommend the use of archival boxes, covered in leather, to fit with the style of the library.

We do repairs to cloth and paper bindings with the same care in conservation.

We also make new covers in leather and vellum for books of personal value.

All details of the work are provided for customer approval before binding is undertaken.